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Why Choose Elmer’s?

Elmer's Manufacturing Farming Equipment

Canadian Family Owned

The team behind Elmer’s are our fellow Canadian farmers, and we love how they believe in and care for their customers. Elmer’s strives to help farmers be successful by building some of the most advanced farming equipment on the market. As a dealership that prioritizes the success of our customers, we’re proud to sell equipment that’s built on a similar mission.

Elmer's Manufacturing Farming Equipment

Durable & Versatile Harrows

One of our favourite Elmer’s products is the Super 7 Harrow. We’ve seen this equipment run in some of the harshest conditions and still do a great job, despite heavy straw, damp straw, piles, or debris remaining in the field. And yet, the harrow is easy to use and set. When it comes to harrows, Elmer’s knows what they are doing!

Elmer's Manufacturing Farming Equipment

The Strongest Grain Carts

The Elmer’s HaulMaster is a grain cart currently unmatched in the Canadian market. That’s because it’s the largest and strongest grain cart available. The HaulMaster, which comes in a variety of sizes, gives you the ability to haul high-capacity loads in a variety of harsh environments. This equipment is a life-saver when it comes to saving time on the field in wet or dry conditions.


About Elmer’s

Why Choose Elmer’s?

At Elmers, we create solutions to make the farmer more capable, productive and profitable. Owning and operating our own farm, we understand what farmers need and want out of our products and our company. We strive to provide our customers with the best products that will handle the roughest environments. From our Parts Guy to our Lead Engineer, our mission is to produce the best farm equipment for the needs of the progressive farmer.

The HaulMaster Grain Cart

The HaulMaster Grain Cart is built by a farmer, for a farmer. We understand what features not only maximize your time on the field, but also keep you going in those tough environments.

High Capacity, Heavy Duty Design: High capacity to keep your combines going and heavy duty design that can withstand the elements when you need it most.

Exclusive Tracked Undercarriages: Fight wet conditions and compaction with Elmers exclusive track design, built specifically for the highest capacities, toughest conditions and low maintenance.

Dual Auger, Low Profile Design: Get unloaded quickly and efficiently with the superior dual auger design getting your grain cart back in action in minutes.

The Super 7 Harrow

Our harrow has a unique 7 Bar Design which harrows 40% more of your field per pass. Combine that with adjustability and heavy duty construction: it is truly a harrow that can do it all!

Heavy Duty Construction: Built-to-last frame and cabling ensures an even spread, which gives you the best results you can find.

7 Bar Design: Giving the harrow 40% more teeth with its 1/2″ tines provides greater straw flow, optimizing your seed bed for spring.

Adjustability: Tine angle, down pressure and section angle adjustability gives you options depending on your needs.


Transfer Tracks

Transfer Tracks can improve soil penetration, create a more uniform seed depth placement, improve water infiltration and help develop a healthier root system. All these factors together can create a stronger and healthier plant with better yields. It can also allow you to easily adapt to your existing equipment to reap the benefits of tracks. Maximize your Transfer Tracks by using it for planting in spring and then transfer them to your Grain Cart in fall for harvest. Plus you can save money by not having to order tires for this equipment. The transfer can be done in about 30 minutes.

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